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Kubernetes quickly became the new industry standard for many enterprises to deploy and manage services in the cloud. To name a few amongst many benefits that Kubernetes bring are the ability to deploy applications to multiple microservices so that when one service goes down, other services can operate without complete failure. Moreover, the ability to autoscale the number of pods depending on web traffic.

Written by Jin Kim

Hi! My name is Jin Kim and I am a software developer hoping to help you save time with your code by providing you short-cuts for git commands. In this specific blog, I will be providing you tips to create your “ACPing” a faster experience. Thank you for your time in reading this blog, I am very excited about this!

Github has been the grand central station for developers. As I started pushing up code, I noticed the redundancy of git add. git commit …. This is great and all but learning about automation using the…

Jin Kim

Software Engineer. Hoping to bring cloud ☁ to everyday life.

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